Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wedding Preparations in Full Swing!!!

We're very excited in my household as we prepare for the wedding of our eldest daughter in November! As some of you close to me will already know, Kel's wedding will be held in Phuket, Thailand - plans are in full swing: we have recruited the help of the beautiful Nanya from Wedding Bliss Phuket to help us 'on the ground' in Thailand - Nanya is an expert at all types of beach weddings - you can see her fantastic work here! But back to us: decisions, decisions, decisions??? What style of cake? There are so many types out there - all I know is that Kel and Chris would like to have a chocolate mud cake. Easy, I hear you say ... well, it is if you're anywhere but Thailand!!! They don't really have mud cake there - their own version isn't really what we are aiming for. But ... problem solved! We will make it ourselves!!! My Swiss friend will be bringing an authentic family Swiss Chocolate mud cake recipe, creamy Swiss chocolate (yum!) and cake pans home to Phuket with her, so the two of us will cook up a storm and then send the cake out for decorating (Nanya will take care of that part). Here's some beautiful cake designs Kel likes: Kel has also chosen her bridesmaids and I had their dresses made to measure last time we were in Phuket - what do you think? Such a beautiful colour - watermelon - for a beach wedding. We're going to start making and sending out the wedding invitations very soon so guests can make their holiday arrangements - with only 5 months to go, it will come around before we know it!!! Kel has decided on a butterfly theme, and tonight I bought her these beautiful toasting flutes online: they are a perfect match for her guest book and pen set - now we only have to find the matching cake serving set!!! Well, it's back to bear-making for me: I've been teaching myself to needlefelt: what an absolute joy to use this craft to create expression in bear's faces - I'm really enjoying this new-found skill!! Stay tuned over the next week - I'll be presenting a new Imperial panda (with needlefelted face) and a quirky twist ... I think you're going to love him!!!

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  1. Hi Marg,
    you are one busy girl with all the wedding preparations, how exciting for you. Your new needle felted panda is wonderful too.