Wednesday, September 28, 2011

African Theme Birthday Bear!

I'd like you all to meet KOFI - my latest bear who I made exclusively for my darling nephew Troy's 1st birthday!

As soon as I saw this mohair, it screamed 'Africa' to me!!! It's pretty amazing - from the rich chocolate backing to the natural taupe-coloured whispy ratinee finish I knew it would be lovely to work with ... and it was! Troy also has relatives living in South Africa, so it seemed right to design an African themed bear - even the African meaning of his name Kofi is 'born on Friday'.

I've tried to keep everything in neutral tones, except for Kofi's eyes, which are of course my custom hand-painted English glass eyes, painted in crystal shades of slate grey and brown with a hint of sparkle.

In my travels I also found THE most amazing ribbon (which was added to my ribbon 'stash' for future use!) - a variagated wire ribbon in copper and bronze tones. His little birthday cap in black silk and lined with leopard print fabric has been adorned with copper coloured hearts and topped with a bronze jewel.

And as a footnote: I'm happy to say that Troy loved him!!! (and so did my sister!!)

PS: You'll be glad to know that KOFI was put away safely after this photo was taken!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

At Last - A New Bear!!!!

Hi everyone!

Can't believe it's been so long since my last post - I've been so busy with bears, and my blog has unfortunately has suffered 'big time'.

I'd like you all to meet Aztec - he's made from the most amazing woolly Shulte mohair in a rich caramel colour - this fabric is very dense and brushes up really nicely. And very cuddly too I might add!!!

Aztec's custom starburst style English glass eyes have been handpainted in deep emerald and black with a hint of sparkle to give him a whimsical, cheeky look!

He wears a hand-crafted tri-colour wired ribbon ruff - the colours in this ribbon are to be seen to be believed! I'm sure I don't really do it justice in the photos - gorgeous and rich copper, gold and bronze metallic - just wonderful, and it compliments his bejewelled pendant nicely.

Hope you like him - if you would like to purchase Aztec, or just get some more info or photos, he's now available on Bear Pile here