Monday, September 28, 2009

Mikaela's first stay in hospital

My gorgeous little granddaughter Mikaela has just been diagnosed with pneumonia and has been hospitalised for a few days.

After suffering what seemed to be a slight cold the last couple of days, she just suddenly developed a nasty cough and listlessness. However, the wonderful staff at Shoalhaven Hospital soon took care of the necessary blood tests and x-rays, and a drip was set up to ensure Mikaela was hydrated quickly.

Today she has been sitting up and taking a few bites out of her Vegemite sandwiches and a few sips of juice and water.

Of course no visit to a hospital to visit your grandchild is complete without the obligatory gift bag, and off I went with a few crayons, a book for drawing in, and a new fairy doll. Just the ticket to a speedy recovery, as you can see from these photos!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beyonce Concert - Awesome!

I drove up to Sydney on Friday afternoon with my two daughters to see Beyonce in concert, as a treat for their birthdays next month. We left the boys at home for a girlie's night out, and kicked off our night with an afternoon of retail therapy (always good for the soul, not necessarily the purse!)

What an amazing experience - I have been to a few big-name concerts before, but nothing like this! This woman has the most fantastic voice live, from the gutsy and raw sound of hip-hop right through to the angelic 'Ave Maria'. The show itself was something you just HAVE to experience if you ever get the chance!

Sydney's Acer Arena was packed to capacity, and the light show and big band sound was sensational. Her moving tribute to Michael Jackson and his music, followed by an on-stage appearance by a young chemotherapy patient brought the house to tears.

These pictures really don't do justice to such a fantastic and talented entertainer, but I hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spring has Arrived!

Well, the weather's warming up nicely. My beautiful bush orchids have started flowering and I couldn't resist a few pics, as well as my azalea.

We had a few surprise visitors in our backyard this past weekend - a new family of magpies have started visiting, and their youngest seems to have taken a shine to our place ... no fear this one ... he just marches up and feeds out of our hands - we just got to watch that beak!!!!

Also spotted meandering over the grass was this blue-tongued lizard, an Australian native. How great to have our own resident bluey!