Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time Flies!!

Well, they say time flies when you're having fun - not sure about the fun bit though as I've had to neglect my bear making for a little while to concentrate on finishing assignments and complete my Diploma of Logistics.

All the hard work has paid off (yay!) - I've just received an email from my training assessor to say I've passed and my Diploma Certificate will be issued shortly!!! I am sooo relieved - you'll never believe it: it's taken me 2 years to complete this thing and certainly pushed me beyond my boundaries, studying and reporting on things like carbon tax and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a warehouse and supply chain. Easy you think? Not for us in Australia - when I did this assignment my country didn't even have a carbon tax!!! How do you study something that doesn't exist in our country!!!

So ..... what to do with my free time now???

Planning and final preparation for our daughter Kel's wedding early in November has also been a priority in our household - invitations are all made and sent, flights and accommodation for wedding party and our family has been booked and paid for, bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses are all here; shoes, jewellery, veils ... you name it: it's here in my house!!!

Here's a peek at the wedding invitations Kel and I made ... all of my stamps finally got a work out, and we also made matching RSVP cards and a Directions card to go with each one - beautiful card stock from the fabulous people at Discount Wedding Papers in Melbourne, Australia in a pearl/gold white card - very elegant with black ribbon and sparkling heart buckle.

I'll let you in on a secret though: I actually haven't been completely idle as far as bear making is concerned - a pair of wedding bears for Kel and Chris are in their final stages. Kel doesn't know I'm making them, (which is hard as she comes over every Sunday with our beautiful granddaughters) but I'm going to sneak them over in my luggage to have sitting on the wedding table inside the organza pavilion on the beach. Will post some photos here once they've been completed.

I have more fabulous news to share with you all, but I'll leave that for the next post ...