Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to you all!

Ok, I'm getting in a bit early, but as I won't be around for the next few weeks I thought I'd post to my blog early (we're off to Thailand for a bit of R&R and sunshine .... something that's been sorely lacking in our part of the world lately!)

To celebrate, I have a new bear which will be available shortly - introducing Bailey: a mischievous bundle of cheek who is ready to celebrate Halloween. Already decked out ready to 'trick or treat' his way into your heart. I'll be posting him for sale on my website once I get back, so keep an eye out for him if he tickles your fancy.

It's late here now ... I'd better go pack those suitcases!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life Lesson ... Update

Just a quick update on the new Marbles Mark II ... she (not he as was her predecessor)has fitted in quite nicely ... has a lovely temperament and tolerates a lot of handling and carrying around by her new mummy as you can see!

My daughter Kel called me today absolutely distraught. Seems like our granddaughter Mikael's little bunny rabbit Marbles had been bitten by a spider and died just as Kel got him to the vet!

My youngest daughter Nikki had only just bought Marbles a couple of weeks ago for Mikaela's 2nd birthday next Tuesday, so it was a real shock to all of us.

Anyway, think it will all end well. As Mikaela was asking where Marbles was, the little family held a funeral for him this afternoon so Mikaela understood (well, sort of ...) that Marbles got sick and went to heaven.

And, as all happy endings go, Aunty Nikki came to the rescue ... a visit to the pet store, and a new Marbles Mark II was delivered safe and sound to his new home, and into Mikaela's heart.

All is good with the world again .... aaahhhh

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Two days out from my pre-booked climb, and the nice warm spring weather we had been enjoying suddenly gave way to miserable, bleak and cold rainy days - great! Not the sort of weather I'd been hoping for, but I guess you have to live with the cards you've been dealt, so off up to Sydney we drove.

Thanks to our GPS lovingly nicknamed Lucy Loo, parking was found in amongst the skyscrapers in the middle of the Sydney CBD, and it was only a short walk through The Rocks down to the southern pylon of the bridge where we checked in.

A 30 minute brief and change into our climbing overalls, jackets, headsets and trusty safety harness saw us set off out into the inclement weather. It took us about an hour and a half to reach the summit and not even the weather could ruin the breathtaking 360 degree view of Sydney Harbour and surrounds. It was absolutely fantastic, and Pete our guide was amazing, explaining iconic landmarks and how the fireworks are set up on the top of the bridge for New Years Eve.

Here's us at the summit with a view of the Opera House and the city skyline behind:

By the time we had started heading across to the western side of the bridge and hour descent, the heavens opened up again, but it didn't dampen our spirits at all. We madly waved at the passengers on the P&O 'Pacific Dawn' as it moved gracefully underneath us on its way to exotic holiday places and the captain gave three long bursts on the funnels as she passed underneath. Awesome!

The descent went all too quickly and by the time we reached the bottom of the western arch, darkness had fallen and the city lights twinkled through the rain. Pete, of course was still telling us stories about the building of the bridge and stats (like how many stairs we had just climbed - 1339!!!!)

A fantastic experience, and one I would recommend highly to everyone!