Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brand New Bear!!!

Hi everyone! Phew! I've been so, so busy I haven't actually had much time to spend on my beloved bear making - I've been flat out at work preparing for the dreaded annual stocktake (aarrggghh) and am currently studying a Diploma of Logistics so have had plenty of assignments to keep me busy instead!

Anyway, I finally got around to putting the finishing touches to my newest panda - introducing little Chin Chin.

He's made from gorgeous dense pile alpaca and can stand (assisted) at 8", although I've really designed him to sit (measures 6"). His eyes, like all of my bears, are hand-painted in sparkling blue and green shades, and he wears an authentic jade and gold Chinese symbol around his neck, which I actually got during our trip to Thailand!

Chin Chin is available on Bear Pile - see www.bearpile.com for more information!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Show is Open!!!!

Hi everyone - what a fantastic day! Well actually, the weather in my part of the world is pretty lousy: dark clouds, heavy rain and cold - hope the weather is better where you are.

I'm so glad to announce that the 3rd annual ACD (Australian Creative Design) Awards Show has now begun!

There are so many lovely entries this year - our theme was Beatrix Potter, and you'll see how talented and imaginative everyone has been!

Please do try and find the time to drop by www.bearartistsonline.com and follow the show links.

Oh, and don't forget - you still have time to vote in the People's Choice competition. The winner is announced on Saturday 4th June, so hurry and get your votes in!

My entry this year is NUTBUSH, a modern take on Beatrix's Squirrel Nutkin! Hope you like him. We had to challenge ourselves with this show - Nutbush certainly challenged me - a totally different pattern and facial features than what I have been used to with my bears, plus leather claws (which I've never done before - a big thank you to my friend Linda Benson of Benson Bears for showing me how it's done!)