Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sydney Teddy Bear Fair 2013

Hi everyone!

Well, I've just got back home from a 3 hour drive from Sydney to attend this year's Sydney Teddy Bear Fair - what a day! Many good bear artist friends to catch up with throughout the day, plus a few lovely bear artists I hadn't met before today.

Although there weren't hordes of people waiting to stream through the doors when they opened at 10am, it was a lovely crowd of serious collectors who attended the show. Quite a few of my bears found new home - the first one was adopted pretty much as soon as the doors opened, which was a lovely surprise!!!

There weren't many quiet periods throughout the day, and the day was over before we all knew it! I managed to get around to some of the tables to take these happy snaps - I'm sure you know most of these artists!

Here's my table.

Fiona Selwyn - Selwyn Bears

Lisa Dopking - Megelles

Merilyn Pursell - Bearwildered Bears

Lorraine Almond - Almond Bears

Susan Leigh - Bearleigh Bears

Karen Alderson

Valma - Teddy's Bits (with some gorgeous hand-dyed mohair - just look at those colours!)

Coral Gabriel - Gabriel Bears

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into the Sydney show today: looking forward to the next one already!!!!