Monday, June 14, 2010

Odie's off to the USA!

Hi everyone - it's been another busy week here in the land of Nikkel Bears: more new bears in progress and more to cut out .... it's all happening!!!

Here's little Odie, one of my latest creations who is now just about to jet off to the USA to live with his new mum!

As with all of my bears, he's completely hand-sewn with custom hand-painted German glass starburst eyes in a pale icicle blue, and has a matching hand-crafted birthday hat and collar in the same shimmery ice-blue shades.

Wonder what's in the box????

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WOW! TWO nominations in the 2010 ABC Awards!!!

Imagine my surprise, arriving home after a very stressful and long day travelling to read my emails and find out that not one, but two of my creations had been nominated for the 2010 Australian Bear Creations Awards!!!

How very exciting - these wonderful international awards are sponsored annually by the Australian Bear Creations magazine.

Congratulations to all of the other nominees - it's a real honour for me to be in such esteemed and talented bear artist company.

Here are my two nominees:

Bosco B Bear - Category 4 (small bear - undressed)

and La de Dah - Category 3 (small bear - dressed)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Aurora's off to a New Home!

What a wonderful week we've had! The Fantasy Ball online show run through the Teddy Bears & Critters Australasia website ( was a complete success with some fantastic creations available for adoption.

I'm really pleased to say that one of my latest creations - Aurora (Angel of the Dawn) found her new mum through the show - a keepsake for her small daughter.

Hand-sewn from luxurious white alpaca (my favourite fur!) with hand-sewn trapunto paws and custom hand-painted gorgeous big sparkly deep azure eyes, Aurora has a serene look which is simply, well .... angelic! I hope you like her too!

I am always really honoured when a new Nikkel Bears collector appreciates the time, effort and attention to detail I put into my bears - I absolutely love making them for you!