Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brand New Bear!

Hi everyone! I'd love to introduce you all to WILLOW - my latest available bear. He's hand-sewn from the most adorable silky wavy Shulte mohair in a gorgeous honey colour - I hand painted his glass eyes in muted shades of brown, greys and sparkling black. New for me: he's 6-way jointed with a double jointed neck, and I've found that allows him enormous posing possibilities!!! His quirky and inquisitive expression really comes to the fore in some poses LOL!!! Cheeky guy!!
He's available now on Bear Pile, and you can read more details here Glad you like him - thanks for taking a peek!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sydney Teddy Bear Fair - After The Show!

Phew! I'm finally home again after a 3.5 hour drive from Sydney. What a lovely show we had today - I met lots of wonderful collectors and now have not only new collectors but lots of brand new people on my mailing list - wooohooo! I managed to sneak in a few pictures while wandering around to chat to all of my lovely bear artist friends, and I thought I'd post my pictures here so you can meet them too! This is my stand before the show:
This is the lovely Susan Mitchell of Blue Valley Bears:
The table of Merrilyn Willets-Pursell of Bearwildered Bears (footnote: Merrilyn was being a bit camera-shy!!!)
Silvia Durrer of Durrer Bears and More ... Silvia travelled all the way across the country to Sydney from Perth!
The fabulous Robyn Gan from Gunnies Collectables:
and aren't these cheetahs fantastic that Robyn made?
The unstoppable Lisa Dopking from Megelles Bears - all the way from Brisbane, Qld:
Here's Susan Mitchell, myself and Lisa Dopking:
My wonderful understated friend Lorraine Almond of Almond Bears - who makes the most fantastic bears!
The very talented Lesley Stipanov of Les Bears:
And last, but not least, my great friend Susan Leigh of Bearleigh Bears:
Hope you all enjoyed sharing a little piece of Sydney Teddy Bear Fair and meeting my fabulous bear artist friends! Hugs, Marg xx

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sydney Teddy Bear Fair Preview!

I'm just so excited ... only 1 sleep left until tomorrow's Sydney Teddy Bear Fair to be held at the Lower Town Hall in Sydney City from 10am-4pm! My bears and I have travelled up from home to the outskirts of Sydney to sleep at my wonderful friend Heather's house, and we're going to be up for an early start into the city. Unfortunately, it's STILL raining here on the East Coast ... we're all a bit over it by now (it has rained for more than one week constantly, with another week to go we're told ... hope it doesn't keep our lovely collectors away from the Show!) I thought I'd just give you all a quick sneak peek at a few of my newer bears who will be coming with me to the show ... I also have kept some other new beary surprises exclusively for the show so that way no-one misses out! Little Hobie is a brand new design - just a quirky little 10" bear with lots of character, and dressed to kill in his custom hand-made polka dot tie and matching fez! He's going to also be available at the show for AUD$295 + postage, so if you're interested, just email me.
The lovely Serenity is also making her appearance tomorrow - the fur on this girl is just so soft: it was an absolute pleasure to work with this fur - available for $325 + postage as a Show special!
Last but not least ... introducing Willow: another brand new design for me. This bear has loads of personality, with his custom hand-painted English glass eyes and double-jointed neck for lots of posing possibilities! Willow will be available for AUD$345 + postage.
Well ... it's off to bed for me: it's an early start tomorrow and it's been a very long day of travelling and getting ready for the show. Hope to see some of you there: stop by and say hello if you're at the Show. I would love to meet you! Hugs, Marg