Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Walk Through my Neighbourhood

Now that summer is on the wane here in Australia, we've had some pretty crazy weather as most of you have heard on the news around the world.

In my little part of the world, we've had a mix of extraordinarily dry, hot days hitting 45 degrees celsius, and where the air burns your throat when you breathe in right through to steamy, humid and stormy afternoons and nights, followed by cool, overcast and showery days where a light jumper or cardigan is called for.

Last weekend was one of those steamy, stormy afternoons - our plans for a takeaway Chinese picnic overlooking the river turned into trying to juggle our food on plates while sitting in the car with all the windows up and the air conditioner on just so we didn't fog up the windows!!! Ha! Ha! So funny!

Once the rain cleared, we were left with brilliant skies as the sun set on another wonderful day ... we took a walk around the foreshore and I took these pictures which I thought I might share with you ... hope you enjoy a snapshot of my little world!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Big Adventure for 2 Nikkel Bears!!!

Hi everyone!

What a busy, busy weekend I've just had. As you know, I had 3 bears showcased in the TBACA 'Be My Valentine' online show. What great fun we all eventually had! I suspect gremlins invaded our 'live' online chatroom on Friday night which meant although the show was open and collectors could email artists and sales were made, none of us artists could 'talk' to each other via the chat room until Saturday night ... it gave us a sense of being there, but not being there (if that makes sense at all!!!)

Anyway, it was great to catch up with all of the Aussie and international member artists who took part in the show - some of which I've actually never met but feel like I've known for a long time (we're only a 'click' away) and others who I'm fortunate enough to see at various 'in the fur' shows closer to home. To all of you girls - thanks for a very entertaining weekend and to Sandi - huge thanks for a wonderful show, yet again!

Here's my two bears which have now started their big adventure to meet their new mums, both jetting their way off to the USA. Can't wait for them to arrive!!!

Kaluah - 14" of luscious, cuddly alpaca (don't you just love his cute toesies!!!!)

and Electra - beautiful and vibrant angel bear made with the loveliest curly mohair.

For me though, it's back to bears! This time madly getting new bears ready for the Sydney Teddy Bear Fair on 6th March and Teddies Worldwide 'Blooming Bear Show', another online show 12th-13th March. Phew! Who's got time for a normal job???

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Be My Valentine Show - Sneak Peek!!!

WOW! Can you believe it - there's only 5 sleeps left until the 'Be My Valentine' online show!!! The countdown is well and truly on!

I'm pleased to say I've got 3 bears available at the show - here's a teensy sneak peek to whet your appetite! I can't wait for you all to see them: as those of you who follow my blog will know, I've been working on a brand-new design and am really happy to say that a couple of my bears at the show will be the new design!

I'm getting really excited ... I just love these online shows and Sandi Smith does a fantastic job behind the scenes putting it all together many months ahead. There are going to be so many fabulous bears and critters from many talented artists worldwide: I can't wait to see them all!

Hope you can find time to pop into the show sometime during the next weekend - just click on this link: