Monday, June 7, 2010

Aurora's off to a New Home!

What a wonderful week we've had! The Fantasy Ball online show run through the Teddy Bears & Critters Australasia website ( was a complete success with some fantastic creations available for adoption.

I'm really pleased to say that one of my latest creations - Aurora (Angel of the Dawn) found her new mum through the show - a keepsake for her small daughter.

Hand-sewn from luxurious white alpaca (my favourite fur!) with hand-sewn trapunto paws and custom hand-painted gorgeous big sparkly deep azure eyes, Aurora has a serene look which is simply, well .... angelic! I hope you like her too!

I am always really honoured when a new Nikkel Bears collector appreciates the time, effort and attention to detail I put into my bears - I absolutely love making them for you!


  1. What a lovely gift :)
    This is one lucky little girl :)

  2. Oh, her daughter is going to be so thrilled! What a lovely gift!

  3. SHE IS GORGEOUS MARG!!! Lucky Little girl!!
    Hugs Lindaxx

  4. Thanks girls - I really appreciate your lovely comments. xoxoxo