Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to you all!

Ok, I'm getting in a bit early, but as I won't be around for the next few weeks I thought I'd post to my blog early (we're off to Thailand for a bit of R&R and sunshine .... something that's been sorely lacking in our part of the world lately!)

To celebrate, I have a new bear which will be available shortly - introducing Bailey: a mischievous bundle of cheek who is ready to celebrate Halloween. Already decked out ready to 'trick or treat' his way into your heart. I'll be posting him for sale on my website once I get back, so keep an eye out for him if he tickles your fancy.

It's late here now ... I'd better go pack those suitcases!


  1. Fabulous bear Marg! Have a WONDERFUL holiday!!!

  2. Hi Marg

    I have a blog award for you pop over to my Dollys2 blog and pick it up.