Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spring has Arrived!

Well, the weather's warming up nicely. My beautiful bush orchids have started flowering and I couldn't resist a few pics, as well as my azalea.

We had a few surprise visitors in our backyard this past weekend - a new family of magpies have started visiting, and their youngest seems to have taken a shine to our place ... no fear this one ... he just marches up and feeds out of our hands - we just got to watch that beak!!!!

Also spotted meandering over the grass was this blue-tongued lizard, an Australian native. How great to have our own resident bluey!


  1. Flowers and the maggie are great, but you can keep the lizard Marg.

  2. I agree with your comments Sandi - I don't think I could on to the blue tongue!!!

  3. That Bluey is great we have one that migrates between our house and our neighbours usually under our aircon unit out the back he's a biggy too although I'm not game enough to touch him :)