Monday, September 28, 2009

Mikaela's first stay in hospital

My gorgeous little granddaughter Mikaela has just been diagnosed with pneumonia and has been hospitalised for a few days.

After suffering what seemed to be a slight cold the last couple of days, she just suddenly developed a nasty cough and listlessness. However, the wonderful staff at Shoalhaven Hospital soon took care of the necessary blood tests and x-rays, and a drip was set up to ensure Mikaela was hydrated quickly.

Today she has been sitting up and taking a few bites out of her Vegemite sandwiches and a few sips of juice and water.

Of course no visit to a hospital to visit your grandchild is complete without the obligatory gift bag, and off I went with a few crayons, a book for drawing in, and a new fairy doll. Just the ticket to a speedy recovery, as you can see from these photos!


  1. She looks like a happy little soul ... best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  2. Hey Marg

    Mikeala looks bright in these photos and they do respond very quickly once on thos awful drips, my daughter Sam was in and out with the same thing as a little one she had Asthma so was prone to this infections it's not a happytime for mum and dad either. Hope all is well now and she is home were she belongs.

    Raewyn xox