Monday, December 21, 2009

TBACA Christmas Bear Swap!

Introducing .... Bon Bon.

A little bear with lots of character made especially for Linda Down of Lombard Bears ( as part of the Teddy Bears & Critters Australasia Christmas Bear Swap for 2009.

Bon Bon is a well-travelled little bloke - he started life as a beautiful lavender piece of hand-dyed and tipped wavy mohair in my suitcase when we recently holidayed in Thailand, and soon developed into his own unique personality. His eyes were handpainted in shades of blue to complement his fur, and I accessorised him with his own elephant locket which I purchased while in Thailand, and red Christmas bow (in keeping with the spirit of Christmas).

He has now travelled all the way back to Sydney with us, and then over to Western Australia where Linda lives - I'm so glad she loves him, just as I do.


  1. I Love Him Marg!!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!