Wednesday, January 13, 2010

RIP my beautiful boy .....

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this blog entry ... soooo many things happening all at once (isn't it always the way). All in one week, I had my mum in hospital with a suspected stroke which meant a 8-hour round trip to the hospital for me, a deadline looming for the upcoming Be My Valentine online show (more about that in a future post) and having to make the monumental and emotional decision to let our dear old Alaskan Malamute go to rest after 11 wonderful years together.

Monty will always be a treasured part of our family - larger than life weighing in at a whopping 65kgs in his prime, he had a wonderful temperament, although stubborn at times (a typical trait of Malamutes I'm told).

Who would have thought that this little slip of a thing (no bigger than the cat!)

... would grow,

... and grow ... into such a beautiful boy

Monty loved the water, and living near the beach we would take him for walks - he'd dunk his whole head under the water and looked for all money like he was 'sniffing around' in the rock pools. He also loved to eat! Russ would always catch him some slimy mackeral or Australian salmon which we would freeze, and Monty would love to munch on them like iceblocks!!!

We're already missing him dreadfully - although the girls at Pets at Peace took care of everything for us and returned Monty's ashes to us this week, so we're going to lay him to rest at home with us in a beautiful shady spot in our small tropical garden.

Goodbye for now my darling boy ... and thanks for the beautiful memories.


  1. Aww, this entry made me teary :(

    He looked like a wonderful dog... but at least you had a wonderful, long time with him... and it looks like you have many wonderful, wonderful photographs too :)

  2. So sorry to hear about losing your friend.I know just how you feel as I lost my Toby after 18+ years. Monty looked like a beautiful dog and you'll always have your memories and some great photos. I have a photo of my Toby on my desktop and when we close the computer down we say goodnight to him!

  3. So sorry Marg! I hope things get better and that your mum is ok now.
    Hugs Linda

  4. Oh my, Marg, Monty was the cutest pup! And he sure did grow! My Ralphie did too, he was really cute as a pup with the funniest fuzzy, woolly tail which became his pride and joy :) I hope you're doing ok, it takes time. I felt better once we got Ralph home and buried under the walnut trees, now he's helping them grow and the cycle continues. Hugs Linda x