Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Family Member!

OMG! I can't believe it's been so long since I posted anything here - time gets away from you while you're not looking, doesn't it?

Well, since I last posted, I've got so much to tell you: we were away for 3 weeks in Phuket, Thailand (as you know from my previous post) - the apartment is FANTASTIC! We had sooooo much fun just chilling out in our own place - no crowds, yay!!! And shopping for a few more pieces of furniture such as day bed, balcony setting etc. was a lot of fun too! I promise I'll post some pictures of the 'finished unit' in a later post.

Anyway - to my CURRENT exciting news! We have a new puppy! His name is Zac (short of Anzac ... seeing how we adopted him on Australia's Anzac Day). He's a full blood Australian Kelpie all the way from a farm near Cootamundra (in the south-west of NSW)and he's a little beauty! His mum and dad are farm working dogs, and already we're getting plenty of running exercise as this little guy tries to 'round us up' in the back yard. We can't stop laughing - he's brought us so much joy in such a very short time!

This is our first trip to the beach last Sunday (Mother's Day in Australia) - lots of games, and running around!

Being a farm boy, he's not at all sure about those waves though! Got bowled over in the surf and came up covered in sand!

And after all that running around silly, the little guy just plopped down in the sand for a snooze!

Looking forward to taking lots more photos - if only he would be still enough!!!!

Talk again soon!


  1. What a gorgeous little fellow Zac is! You will have heaps of fun with him and he won't slow down either.....good for your health and fitness :) I absolutely adore pups at this age, love the flopped over ears :) Give him a huge hug from me (and Lily) Hugs x

  2. Zac is sooooo gorgeous! We have just adopted a chocolate labrador, Casper. He is 10 weeks old. They bring so much fun and love into your life don't they. Looking forward to more lovely pics

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