Monday, March 24, 2014

From my Studio - a new ribbon rose Panda!

Last week I showed you my newest love - creating beautiful ribbon roses. I now want to show you my latest panda - Li Wei - who is now available here directly from my website here.

As you can see, she is adorned with wonderful ribbon roses I created using quality ombre ribbon in muted dusky pink and an understated maroon. These ribbons have to be seen to be believed - I've tried to capture their amazing hues in these photos: spectacular is an understatement I'm thinking! The dusky pink gives off a shimmering gold and violet tone, and the maroon also gives a shimmering gold and vibrant ruby red tone - very striking against the muted maroon base colour.

Incidentally, in keeping with her theme of Imperial Chinese princess, Li Wei's Chinese name means 'beautiful rose' - I always love researching and choosing just the right name for my bears and pandas - it's funny, sometimes a name will come to me straight away, and other times it will take a lot of musing over several names as I create before the right one fits.

I hope you love what I've done with my new found craft! I'm looking forward to incorporating quite a few more bears decorated in floral costumes in the future!

Thanks for visiting!

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