Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I've been in hospital recently for the removal of an enlarged thyroid, and more disconcerting ... a small cancer within my thyroid.

A 2 hour operation ended up a marathon 5.5 hrs!  My surgeon reckons I gave her arm and shoulder muscles a real workout!

Anyway, good news.  Whole thyroid and all cancer has been removed, and I'm sporting a rather neat looking scar at the base of my neck which I'm told should fade over time.  And best of all - I have a skinnier neck!   Still have to undergo some radiation therapy (just to be sure) and then it's all plain sailing for me!

After 2 weeks off work, it was back to reality yesterday - you know the normal office stuff ... phones constantly ringing, the never-ending pile of filing to be done, emails by the truckload etc. etc. etc.  I think I prefer the peace & quiet of being at home listening to the wild birds flying overhead and in the gum trees and the odd dog barking.

I think I might ease myself back into this fulltime work thing & leave the office early for a few days yet.  

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