Thursday, July 9, 2009

Off the Air

Well, it finally had to happen. The day has come for me to undergo my radiation therapy tomorrow. Not sure what to expect, except that I know I'll be living in a lead-lined room in hospital for 3 days.

On a positive note, this treatment should eliminate any straggler thyroid cells which have been trying to re-establish themselves, and that of course, will greatly reduce the risk of any carcinomas returning - now that's gotta be good news in anyone's language!

Even better, I've cut out and started airbrushing a number of new bears - including a couple of new designs so will have plenty of time to sew to my hearts content! I'm also taking along the new Robin Hobb novel I bought today and my laptop (I'm hopeful there's an internet connection in THE ROOM). Think that should be enough to keep me busy!


  1. Good luck Marg...hope it all goes well!

  2. Hi Marg, hope it's all going well. Let us know OK? Hugs
    Linda :)

  3. Hi Marg, Hope you are home and feeling ok! Hugs Linda