Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Newcastle Doll & Bear Show - More Photos!

Have just returned from trading at the Newcastle Doll & Bear Show last weekend. What a fantastic day! I met so many interesting people - in fact one elderly gentleman was telling me about his sister who had a storage shed they had cleaned out and found 'lots of Steiff bears in boxes' - what a find! I don't think he realised the value of what they discovered!

I also met the indomitable Mary Hickey, who has one of Australia's largest bear collections - a true arctophile!!! And such a marvelous wit and humour - I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation ... my clown bear Bongo even made his way with Mary off to his new home!

Of course, remembering that this was also a doll show, I took this photo of one of the prizewinning entries - this doll artist certainly is an inspiration - just look at what her imagination has created! Superb, and very whimsical!

Didn't get much opportunity to whiz around and take many photos, but here's a few more (my table plus some other competition entries - yes, even bears!)

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the show Marg...a few more pictures wouldn't have gone astray though! LOL!