Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb!

OMG! I am so very excited ....

I received a gift voucher from Russ and the girls for my 50th last December to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and I've just booked it for the long weekend in October .... a Twilight climb, starting at 3.45pm - duration 3.5 hours! What!!! I better start going back to the gym to get fit!!!

There's around 1050 stairs to climb, but I'm sure the view will be worth it, and I'm sooo looking forward to it! We'll get the best of both worlds - a brilliant Sydney Harbour sunset and of course, the famous harbour lights at night on the climb back down.


  1. Well Marg you can have that on your knees wouldn't cope with those stairs and I don't have a head heights.
    Hope you have fun though.

  2. I'm with Sandi on that, I'd probably wet myself! :D Hope you have a great time and make sure you post the pics too :)
    Hugs x

  3. OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! It should be brilliant! Have FUN!
    Hugs Linda

  4. How exciting - what a great pressie.

  5. Yes I think it's a great prezzie too! I wanted to do something for my 50th that would be a challenge for me (I have a fear of falling) so I thought this would suit me (considering that bungee jumping is just so seriously out of the question!)