Thursday, February 18, 2010

More New Bears!!!

Now that we've recovered from nearly being washed away at the Rob Thomas concert last weekend (see previous post), I've been madly working on some new bears, but thought I'd introduce you to these 3 guys who made their debut at the Teddy Bears and Critters 'Be My Valentine' online show last weekend.

Alas, their new mums didn't find them there, but they'll be appearing on my website fairly shortly, but I thought I would like to introduce you to them first: Sunday Rose, Otis and Cozzie (the lazy one who's lying down!)

Actually, Cozzie is the largest bear I've made to date - all hand-stitched at a whopping 19" from head to toe! What a marathon that was! I'm actually working on a couple of small 8" bears for the upcoming Sydney Teddy Bear Fair in March - a very big change from such a large bear.

Hope you like them - keep an eye out for them on the website this week!

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    As a bear artist, you may also be interested by my blog dedicated to bears I make:

    Your little three up there are beautiful! I love Sunday Rose!